There Will Be Blood is a fascinating exploration of greed, friendship, and corruption

From the first scene in the church to Daniel’s final interaction with Eli, There Will Be Blood is filled with profound moments of tense and intimate interaction. Daniel’s journey from small-time miner to oil baron to washed-up millionaire is an examination of the corrupting power of wealth when its earner is not grounded by those close to him. Throughout its almost three-hour course, the film also manages to look at the role of companionship, faith, and conformity in an individual’s life. It starts off with a concise and effective introduction, slows down for the first hour, and then picks up again for the second half. Despite this minor issue with pacing, There Will Be Blood is a compelling filmso compelling, in fact, that it surprises me that it did not win out over No County for Old Men for the best picture of 2008.

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