Nightcrawler reminds me of There Will be Blood in many ways, from its pacing to its theme of the anything-goes approach to business. There are some important differences between the two, mainly in how their endings influence their meanings, but they are similar in enough ways for me to consider writing a more in-depth comparison of the two.

The film doesn’t have a dull moment. Its decisions are deliberate and confident, with every scene feeling impactful. at 118 minutes, it isn’t a short film; its purposeful nature and lack of meandering, however, make it seem to go by in a flash. I would consider this one of the film’s major boons, as there wasn’t a moment in which I didn’t feel fully engaged.

Jake Gyllenhaal delivers an outstanding performance as Louis Bloom, the sociopathic protagonist. He is able to eloquently convey Lou’s devotion to his work and uncompromising nature, whilst also behaving in a way that makes watching the character unsettling. The way the film deals with traits often considered positive being taken to an extent that makes them highly problematic is one of the film’s most interesting aspects.

Nightcrawler is certainly worth a watch.

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