A fascinating film, Primer handles time travel in a way more believable than the norm. Its most interesting aspect is, without giving away too much, the wildly different outlooks the time machine’s two creators have on its implications. While the themes it deals with are engaging, I can’t help but think that the film would have benefited greatly from a longer length (it runs a meager 77 minutes) and an easier-to-follow narrative. As it stands, the plot is difficult to follow and rather disorienting. To add to the confusion, much of the dialogue consists of incomprehensible technobabble. While this may appeal to some, it can cause serious confusion is viewers, even those who tend to watch films critically and with great attention. As some have mentioned, the film may be much more enjoyable upon a second viewing. Memento was much the same way for me, so I’ll have to give Primer another shot down the road.

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