The Martian

I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed this film. I appreciated its basis in scientific reality, and I liked that Watney is not trying to get home to get back to his wife and children or for any other clichéd motivation– he is just a man who wants to continue living, simple as that. Is this not motivation enough for wanting to return home? I feel like a lot of stories force another driving force behind survival, and some build their entire plot around this idea to great effect (i.e. The Road). I do think, however, that The Martian benefits from its unconventionality in this regard. There were moments, though, when the dialogue felt forced and pandering. I couldn’t help but cringe when, faced with a new problem, Watney decides to “science the shit out of it”. Some of the pop-culture allusions, like the Iron Man reference towards the film’s conclusion, also felt a bit heavy handed. Many have praised the film’s humor, but I felt that the film is at its best when it takes itself a bit more seriously. Although it has its fair share of issues, The Martian is certainly worth your time.

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