Huckleberry Finn

More than anything else, I read this book because of its reputation. My goal is to become more well read, and that’s what I got out of this book; experience with a piece of American literary canon. I was surprised, though, at how timeless some of the humor is. For instance, at one point Huck talks about how women claim that the dinner they make is poorly done even when it is obviously very good, much like how modern teenagers will often post pictures of themselves on social media and claim to be ugly for the sake of garnering praise and attention. This is the reason I enjoyed the novel beyond its literary importance; the humor is still funny to a modern reader, and its message is still applicable to young people today. I’m shocked and offended that critics of this book claim that its racist language is grounds for it to be removed from school curricula in favor of more politically correct literature. After reading it, I stand firmly in the camp of those who appreciate its literary significance and believe that it is worthy of study in any classroom.

I’ve moved on to The Road by Cormac McCarthy, and I’m about to wrap it up. I’ll post an update when I finish it.

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