The Dark Knight Trilogy Rewatch: Batman Begins

Nolan is among the most well known active filmmakers, and his most widely known work is his take on Batman in his Dark Knight trilogy. I’ve set out to rewatch all three films, and I’ll be chronicling my experience as I go.

The Dark Knight is my favorite film in the franchise, but Batman Begins has always had a special place in my heart. This is probably mostly because of the simple fact that it’s the first in the series, and therefore my first experience with Nolan’s take on the character. I think Nolan’s imagining of Bruce Wayne’s story is the most interesting film adaptation of the character’s story, and Batman Begins does a great job of establishing the universe, but not in a way that demands a sequel; it’s a fantastic film in its own right.

Nolan does a great job shooting dialogue-heavy scenes, but I feel like the script itself could be improved. For instance, early in the film eleven-twelve year old Bruce is talking with his father about his career, and he asks him where he works. Are we supposed to believe that a boy his age doesn’t know where his father works? This, and a few other lines in the film, come off as a bit heavy-handed. Their message could have been more effectively conveyed without such overdone dialogue.

The fight scenes later in the film can be a bit disorienting with their extremely fast cuts and dark lighting, but I do think that this technique does a good job of establishing Batman’s mysterious nature and shock-tactic combat.

Overall, the film does a great job of establishing the atmosphere and texture of the series, a boon that the other films in the series build upon. Zimmer’s score is particularly integral to this, as is Nolan’s signature directorial style. I look forward to rewatching the other films in the series, and I’ll post an update when I do.

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