When I started this film, I didn’t think I was going to be impressed. The beginning sequence felt a bit rushed and thrown together, even poorly edited. I found that after its rocky start, the film manages to pace itself and really find a good rhythm. After finishing it, though, I can say that I enjoyed it and was impressed with many parts of it. There were some elements that I would’ve liked to see a bit more of, but what Snowpiercer does, it does well for the most part.

I enjoyed many of the historical analogues present in the film. It handles the idea of class struggle in a post apocalyptic setting in a very interesting way, one that is not normally attempted in mainstream films. It also does a good job of world building, and I found the striking contrast between the industrial rear of the train to the colorful and affluent front. Without giving too much away, the film gets progressively darker as it progresses, eventually culminating in a powerful, emotionally charged monologue delivered well by Chris Evans. I thought this was his best moment in the film. The action scenes are enjoyable, characterized by the rapid and jarring camerawork and movements of the actors. They do a good job or portraying the savagery that lives aboard the train. Some of the scenes are surprisingly brutal, but they’re not repulsive. The action strikes a good balance between bearable and striking.

I enjoyed many aspects of it, but the movie also has its fair share of flaws. Chris Evans delivers a serviceable and sometimes rather strong showing as the protagonist, but I found some of the dialogue to be a bit clunky and some of the acting to be wooden. Furthermore, while the beginning of the film builds suspense for the action to come, it also seems rather slow and sloppily constructed. Nonetheless, it is a strong action film. It’s something different and it is executed well for the most part, and there’s not much more than that I want out of an action movie.


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