Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Besides some cool action sequences, I’m having a difficult time finding any redeeming qualities to mention in this film. Man of Steel was no masterpiece, but it was at least a serviceable introduction to DC’s attempt at a Marvel-esque cinematic universe. I wouldn’t even call it a good film, but it was bearable. The same cannot be said of its sequel. If the terrible title isn’t enough to turn you away from this film, you’ll find a bombastic, pseudo-gritty mess riddled with bad dialogue, shoehorned characters, and unreasonable, overcomplicated writing.

The length of the film is massively bloated, with unnecessary sequences making up the bulk of its runtime. This inflated length is probably a product of its unfocused narrative. Too many facets of the story are introduced in detail, only to amount to nothing. The parts that are genuinely entertaining, like some of the fight scenes, are significantly less impactful than they could have been because most of the good parts were spoiled by trailers.

Aside from some cheesy dialogue, I felt that Affleck and Eisenberg portrayed Batman and Lex Luthor (respectively) rather well. This, however, is not enough to make up for the film’s unnecessarily overcomplicated story and bombastic nature. I would not recommend this film to anyone. Watch the Dark Knight trilogy instead.

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