We Are What We Are

I would certainly not describe myself as a horror buff, or even familiar with horror films at all, but, looking for a change of place, I stumbled across this lesser-known cannibalism film. I’m glad I did. Dissimilar to many modern horror films in that it is certainly not rife with jumpscares or copious fake blood at regular intervals, We Are What We Are has a lot going for it as a serious piece of filmmaking. Going into it, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy a genuinely well-put together film rife with clever shots and interesting messages. It’s a rather slow and deliberate story, which works to the film’s advantage by really allowing dread to set in for the viewer. Without spoiling too much, I also really enjoyed how the film deals with the idea of turning to atrocity when meaning and belonging is found nowhere else. Pay attention to that when you watch it. We Are What We Are is certainly worth your time.

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