Me Talk Pretty One Day

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris is imbued with self-deprecating humor and limitless wit. Sedaris truly has a talent for writing engaging stories about his own life. Nearly all of the essays in the collection are very entertaining from start to finish. There were a few that I found a bit dull, but for the most part his work is strong throughout. I found that the essays seemed to improve in quality in the book’s second part, in which we writes about his experiences living in France. At times, his self-deprecating humor can seem a bit overplayed and tiresome. This is especially noticeable when he mentions his drug use for the umpteenth time. This, however, is a part of Sedaris’ charm. He’s not afraid to overplay an aspect of his character a bit, and I think that’s admirable in a work like this. When I gave up my pretense and just focused on enjoying Sedaris’ storytelling powers, the low points didn’t bother me much at all. This is certainly worth your time if you’re looking for a hilarious, easy read.

Oh, and “Picka Pocketoni” had me rolling on the floor.

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