Captain America: Civil War

After seeing Winter Soldier, which I now hold to be among the best films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I was confident that the Russo brothers would be able to take the Captain America series in the right direction. I can now safely say that they didn’t let me down with Civil War.

MCU films have always been great at juggling ensemble casts, but it is particularly apparent in Civil War. Lesser known characters like Ant-Man and Scarlet Witch are integrated well into the film without feeling forced, and Spider-Man’s appearance also feels natural. I was also very impressed with Black Panther and look forward to seeing where they take his character in the future. The film gracefully handles some pretty interesting political themes as well, something I don’t normally expect when I go to see an action movie. The action, by the way, is as good as ever, and there were a few fantastic scenes that really make this film shine.

The ending of Civil War makes it obvious that its story is to be continued. While this is a great way to set up future films, I feel like it detracts from the overall experience. I don’t mind films to be in series, but I think it’s important that a single movie can stand on its own. Without giving a way too much, the film relies more on changing the dynamics of the Avengers as a whole for its ending rather than any sort of catharsis. Despite this, Civil War holds up as a fantastic entry in the MCU.

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